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Now More Than Ever, Businesses Need Great Networks

By aditipandey posted 05-27-2020 08:00 AM



The coronavirus crisis has hit businesses hard. From cafes and boutique hotels to plumbers and trucking companies, business owners have had to think fast as physical-world meetings, events and in-person appointments all but disappeared. Accountants, law firms and other professional services firms rapidly pivoted to work-from-home. Many retailers are newly embracing to digital sales or curbside pickup. Restaurants, dentist offices, gyms and other businesses are exploring how to open back up, deliver on their promised experiences, and keep employees and customers safe.

Everyone is figuring out their path to the “new normal.” Crisis-driven work-from-home setups will be replaced with a more sustainable strategy for remote access to a full suite of applications and digital schools. Classrooms went virtual nearly overnight, and school districts are exploring how to enable high-quality, secure digital learning for the summer and fall, with access to labs and applications that were previously only available onsite.

Now is the time for every business to reevaluate how they do business, and to use their analytical and creative skills to carve out new paths forward in a flexible, iterative manner.

The challenges are many, but there’s one thing in common: A fast, reliable network connection can make your employee and customer experiences amazing. 

Aruba Instant On Delivers Simple, Secure Networking Solution

In June 2019, Aruba introduced Instant On for secure wireless networking that is simple to set up , intuitive and from a trusted brand. Over the last year, many small businesses with limited IT staff chose Instant On for blazing fast, secure Wi-Fi.

Today, Aruba introduces Instant On switches to deliver a complete wireless and wired network solution. Whether deployed as part of a business continuity strategy or connectivity upgrade project, the new Aruba Instant On 1930 Series of smart-managed switches seamlessly integrate with existing Instant On indoor/outdoor access points (APs), and can be centrally managed with the Instant On mobile app.

As you create the new normal for your business, you might continue to operate from multiple locations. It’s easy extend Instant On to your home or your employees’ homes. You’ll have a secure network that can handle the demands of the whole family—and you can be confident that your sensitive business data is protected. Aruba Instant On includes everything you need for a secure connectivity: wireless APs, switches and ultra-simple deployment and management. A single deployment can support up to 25 Instant On devices (APs and switches), which ensures that your network can grow as your business does.

There’s a one-year warranty for the APs and a limited lifetime warranty for the switches, and customers have free 24x7 phone support for 90 days and chat support for the entire warranty period.

Aruba Instant On Access Points - With models designed for indoor, outdoor, hospitality and  SOHO environments, there’s an option that meets any need, all at an attractive point. Instant On APs use an Auto Mesh technology that allows you to extend Wi-Fi coverage with the same strong signal strength into every corner of your business. Whether using laptops, tablets or phones, users will have an amazing wireless experience.

Aruba Instant On Switches - Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch series are advanced, smart-managed, fixed-configuration gigabit Ethernet switches that are easy to deploy and affordable to buy. You can choose from different models that best fit your needs. You can easily connect access points, desktops, printers, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras or other wired devices.

The new Instant On 1930 Switch Series features:

  • Flexible configurations with 8, 24 or 48 1G ports with PoE and high speed 10G connectivity
  • Enhanced PoE+ on all ports to power a range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Choice of management modes for flexibility, including:
    • Cloud-management via mobile app or web browser
    • Local web GUI
  • Limited lifetime warranty for maximum investment protection

 Instant On Mobile App - With Instant On, you can deploy and manage your network from your phone or a cloud-based web portal. You can get your network up and running in minutes, even for multisite networks. You can see your entire network of APs and switches from a single screen, so it’s easy to quickly identify if there’s a problem—and troubleshoot accordingly.

You can be confident that your business is protected with the robust security  built into Instant On. But you don’t need to be a security expert to set up secure access for employees or guests. Instant On supports the WPA2/WPA3 wireless security standards to ensure user authentication and encryption of traffic. Instant On switches can protect your network from unauthorized access with features such as access control lists, 802.1X network access control, and VLANs.

Best of all, businesses can count on Aruba Instant On to provide amazing network experiences for employees and customers across your locations. It’s easy to deploy and manage. It’s affordable and there are no hidden fees for subscriptions. And it’s backed by the trusted brand of Aruba, an HPE company.