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Aruba delivers cost-effective, powerful switches to small businesses

By aditipandey posted 02-07-2022 08:00 AM


Blog by: Amol Mitra

Vice President and General Manager of Global Small and Medium Business at Aruba

Aruba Instant On 1830 switches offer Layer 2 switching capabilities, Gigabit connectivity along with flexible management modes 

Small businesses are evolving the way they perform the very essence of their work—how they do business.   

Many have adopted digital technologies to adapt more quickly to changing consumer needs, tackle new market opportunities, and thrive as the world has shifted toward more virtual environments. As a result, small-medium businesses (SMBs) are moving to a cloud-first approach to power transformative experiences, such as contactless payments, virtual services, and on-demand tools and resources.

However, change comes at a cost: small business owners need to evaluate their operations and evolve their business models, but they also must balance those changes with the impact to the bottom line.  That’s where an affordable and reliable network solution comes in.


Introducing the Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series 


At Aruba, we keep our customers at the core of innovation and provide best-in-class, affordable solutions so businesses can focus on growth and not worry about the upkeep of their network. That’s why we’re launching the Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series — an affordable and easy to deploy and manage switch solution for small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to keep up with evolving network demands. Looking to provide high-speed and reliable connections to wired devices like access points, IP cameras, printers and more? The 1830 comes with both non-PoE and PoE configurations which lowers construction costs by eliminating the need for additional cables and power outlets to power devices.

These entry-level smart-managed switches offer Layer 2 switching capabilities, Gigabit connectivity along with flexible management modes — all at an economical price.  With a flexible management dashboard, Power over Ethernet (PoE) options, and energy-efficient features, the 1830 switches deliver solid performance for SMBs with limited budgets.

Some key features of the Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series include:


  1. Two (2) 8- port, two (2) 24- port and two (2) 48-port models in PoE and Non-PoE configurations
  2. Compact and fan-less 8-port (PoE and non-PoE model) and 24-port non-PoE model for acoustically sensitive environments
  3. Up to 370W of PoE to power APs, IP Phones, surveillance cameras, door locks and other IoT device
  4. Two (2) and four (4) dedicated 1G SFP fiber ports on 24- and 48-port models respectively to eliminate traffic bottlenecks across your network
  5. 8-port non-PoE switch can be powered by an upstream Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or an external injector, offering greater flexibility for space-constrained environments by eliminating the need for additional power outlets and wiring
  6. Cost-effective PoE support: half of the ports are capable of supporting PoE, which makes these switches ideal for businesses that do not require complete PoE support

Like the rest of the Instant On wired portfolio, the 1830 Switch Series can be managed using the Aruba Instant On mobile app, web portal, or the local Web GUI at no additional cost. 


How the 1830 fits small business needs 

The Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series was designed to fit most small business environments, including:

Home offices: The Aruba Instant On AP11and AP12 combined with the 8-port 1830 switch works great at home, offering business-grade connectivity that consumer networking solutions can’t deliver. Looking to connect desktops, gaming consoles and surveillance cameras? Aruba Instant On 1830 switches provide reliable Gigabit connectivity to these devices at an affordable price.

Retail stores/cafés: For retailers, network connectivity and security are critical for day-to-day operations.   Robust and reliable network connections are needed to power Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems for curbside pick-up, payroll, inventory control, and guest access, and the 1830 switches are the perfect solution for those environments.

Professional offices: Fast connectivity is of paramount importance for office environments where collaboration is key. The 1830 switches offer high-speed connectivity and can power devices such as printers, surveillance cameras and desktops with a single Ethernet cable — perfect for low-cost deployments.


Speed installation with Instant On transceivers

Aruba Instant On is also introducing new Instant On branded 1G and 10G transceivers. The 10G SFP+ transceiver can be used to interconnect Instant On 1960 switches to build stacks or to connect mini-servers or storage (up to 300m). The 1G transceiver can be used to connect Instant On switches to a router or gateway that is far away (up to 500m).

These transceivers come with a three-year worldwide warranty and are completely validated to work with all Aruba Instant On switches (1930, 1960, 1830) and HPE OfficeConnect switches (1420, 1820 and 1950), eliminating the guesswork during installation.

When deployed alongside Aruba Instant On access points, the 1830 Switch Series delivers a complete wired and wireless networking solution, all centrally managed through the Instant On mobile app – allowing small businesses to create a secure and reliable network at a price that won’t break the bank.


Get started with affordable switches   

The Aruba Instant On 1830 switches are available to order now from your trusted partners. Aruba Instant On transceivers and 1830 switches will begin shipping in March.

 For more details about the Aruba Instant On 1830 family of switches and the new transceivers, including full product specifications and options for purchasing, please visit 1830 product page.