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AIO General FAQs

By Greg_Weaver posted 11-18-2022 07:10 PM

  1. How do I purchase Aruba Instant On devices?
    A: You can purchase Instant On devices from any authorized or selected reseller.
  2. What devices are in the Instant On portfolio?
    A: Aruba Instant On devices includes switches and wireless access points.
  3. Are Aruba Instant On access points and switches available worldwide?
    A: Yes, our portfolio is available for purchase through partners worldwide. Check your country for retailers here
  4. Where can you use Instant On devices?
    A: Use Instant On devices anywhere! They’re perfect for a small business, home office, boutique hotel, medical clinic, and more
  5. Can I manage Instant On APs and Switches under one management tool?
    A: Yes, Instant On can be managed with the Instant On app without any additional subscriptions, licenses, or hidden fees.
  6. How do I manage my Instant On device?
    A: Instant On devices can be managed through the cloud portal or mobile phone Instant On Switches additionally provides local management using Web GUI at no additional cost.
  7. Will I need to have an internet connection to set up Aruba Instant On?
    A: Yes, the internet is required to register and onboard your Instant On device in case of cloud management.
  8. Can I set up my Instant On device from my personal computer?
    A: Yes, you can set up your device on your computer by visiting
  9. Will I need to register my device to receive the warranty?
    A: No, your Instant On devices will be automatically registered once you onboard your device.
  10. What is the warranty period?
    A: Aruba Instant On access points come with a 2-year warranty. Instant On switches come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our Instant On transceivers and DACs have a 3-year warranty. For more information please refer to the warranty FAQ
  11. What are the major differences between Instant APs vs. Instant On APs?
    A: Instant APs are designed for medium to large deployments and are managed by Aruba Central or Airwave. Instant On access points are designed for small business customers who have little to no IT support and therefore need a simple, easy-to-use network solution.