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What’s New in Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 Release?

By Greg_Weaver posted 11-18-2022 07:18 PM


What’s New in Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 Release: support for up to 50 devices, Client Match, Client Watchlist, switching jumbo frame, and more!


November 18, 2022


Sue Gillespie, Product Marketing Manager

Rachel Yang, Product Manager, Aruba Instant On


The Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 software release includes new and enhanced management capabilities.  Here is what’s new:

  • Support for up to 50 Aruba Instant On access points and switches. It’s great to hear that many of our customers and partners are managing different types of SMB network environments using Instant On and continue to grow with our solution. While maintaining our core ease-of-use design, we are expanding the solution to up to 50 Aruba Instant On devices (i.e., combination of access points or switches) per site. The change is also to help address some of the challenging SMB environments, like concrete or steel structures, and multi-floor buildings, which require more access points for wireless coverage. 

  • Optimized roaming performance with Client Match. Client match continuously monitors the health of all clients connected to each AP and optimizes wireless client performance by managing load balancing, band steering/band balancing, and sticky clients. This feature helps address clients connected with weak signals, clients connected to an oversubscribed access point, and “sticky clients” that remain connected to a single AP even when roaming to an area with APs that offer better connectivity.


  • Watchlist Client for critical infrastructure allows you to keep a close eye on the status of critical infrastructure devices such as servers, storage, or key connected clients, without having to set up additional monitoring software. You can add up to 128 clients to the watchlist and an alert will be generated when the watched client is offline.


  • Switching Jumbo frame support - allows a larger Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) on clients that will send/receive jumbo frames, usually by setting the MTU to 9000. It improves data transmission efficiency by reducing the number of frames and overheads for switches to process and is ideal for larger file transfers (e.g., media files) from or to local storage. 


  • Enhanced network schedule setting for wireless network and PoE - This provides more flexibility with a new Variable option that allows you to schedule each day during the week. For instance, you can set Wi-Fi per guest stay time (e.g., check in 3pm Friday, check out 11am Sunday) or control PoE power on weekends or during off hours for power savings.

Here are some additional feature enhancements in the new release you may be interested in:

  • Improved MFA account recovery - Multi-factor Authentication feature now prompts for a recovery email address when you’re enabling MFA so you don’t get locked out.
  • Instant On access point and switch SKU/Model number visibility.
  • And more.

The Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 release is available on Android, iOS, and the Instant On cloud-based web portalFor detailed information of the release, please find Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 Release Notes  and Aruba Instant On 2.7.0 User Guide