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2.8.0 Release Blog

By Greg_Weaver posted 03-22-2023 03:59 PM


With Aruba Instant On networking products, you get built-in industry features like WPA3 personal, Direct NAT of guest networks, Port MAC Access Control Lists, and more. 

From the Aruba Instant On portal you can easily create guest, employee, and business-critical VLANs to virtually segment traffic and then rate limit those networks to unlock bandwidth.

For workstations, use the Client Lock To Port feature to prevent unauthorized users from plugging into and accessing your internal network.

Finally, utilize the 2 Factor Authentication with your administrator credentials for added security and to keep unwanted users out of the management portal.

In the 2.8 management software update we have added some enhancements that provide added layers of security, improved information readability, and enhanced POE scheduling.


Wireless Client Allow List

Creating an ACL for your wireless network got easier! Quickly discover and allow client systems like Point-of-Sale, guest PC, and employee laptops access to the network. The Client Allow List uses a device's MAC address in tandem with the network's passkey to verify access. Unknown devices trying to connect that are not on the ACL will have no intra- or internet access. This function is especially useful for those users who don’t have a log of MAC addresses for the company but still need the added peace of mind.


Bandwidth Rate Limits per Client or Network

Bandwidth limits help you control what your guests and employees can do on their devices. Limit bandwidth to as little as 1mbps if you only want to permit guests to perform basic tasks with their devices. You can also allow 1Gbps for downloads but restrict upload speeds on the guest network so business transactions get the majority of upload bandwidth.


Enhanced PoE Scheduling

You can now apply PoE schedule to select connected PoE devices, including Instant On access points, to lower your off-hours power consumption while maintaining power to key devices like security cameras. Power down your Aruba Instant On access points to keep unwanted users from accessing your network when the business is closed. This feature is helpful if you only want to allow wireless network access when employees are present. Enhanced PoE scheduling also means you save on energy costs because your network won’t be running during off hours.


Transceiver Information

Details have been added to the SFP/SFP+ ports on the port status page that allow you to view transceiver vendor, type, serial number and SKU.  Note: unsupported transceivers may experience functional limitations or inaccurate information.  Aruba Instant On transceivers are recommended for optimal performance. For supported transceivers, refer to the Switching product Datasheet or the Aruba Instant on Transceiver Guide here

Captive Portal Update

Make it easier for visitors and guests to access the internet with the new "Guest Portal Acknowledgement" in the Site Management setting. This change is for admins using the "External" Captive Portal who do not have a RADIUS server setup. With this release, administrators can customize the guest authentication splash page without a RADIUS server. See the Aruba Instant On Deployment Guide for more information.