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Broaden Your Bandwidth, Expand Your Business

By Greg_Weaver posted 09-05-2023 04:53 PM


Meet the 1960 Multi-Gigabit Access Switch

Introducing the latest addition to our 1960 Switch Series, the 1960 multi-gigabit access switch. With 12 ports with PoE and 2 sets of 10GbE uplink ports for 10Base-T and SFP+, this new switch supports next-generation connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 access points with a variety of ports to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

 Featuring 4 ports of 2.5GbE and 60W of PoE, the new multi-gig switch supports higher bandwidth throughput over the same Cat 5/6(a) cabling that many businesses already have, making it a cost-effective way to upgrade network capacity. Further flexibility is provided by the 8 ports of 1GbE and 30W of PoE that enable legacy or lower bandwidth-demanding hardware to be used alongside higher-speed hardware – no rip and replace required. In addition to uplinking to the Aruba Instant On 1960 12-port aggregation switch, the 2 sets of dual uplink ports support 10GbE speed to connect server and storage devices with 10Base-T or SFP+ connections.


To boost Wi-Fi 6 access points and next-generation hardware, add the new 1960 multi-gig switch to an existing stack of 1960 Series Switches - the True Stacking feature ensures you can do that without network disruption. What’s even better, you can use the mobile app or web portal to add the 1960 multi-gig switch to your stack, and the Aruba Instant On cloud management takes care of the rest.

If you have workstations with 2.5GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs) you can utilize the 2.5GbE ports to increase the velocity of workloads performed in the cloud or by on-premises servers. Those same 2.5GbE ports will unleash the full capability of Wi-Fi 6 access points like the Aruba Instant On AP25, as they provide additional bandwidth to support the AP25’s 5.2Gbps aggregate throughput.


The port diversity and throughput offered on the 1960 multi-gigabit switch means it works well in various environments. From helping education facilities expand access during high-volume events, speeding up workstations in high-tech firms, or enabling healthcare clinics to reach their electronic medical records faster, the 1960 multi-gigabit switch brings higher bandwidth and throughputs to many small organizations.

High volume educational access – Many schools are increasing capacity, and their existing networks are strained with the number of devices they need to support. By updating your network with the 1960 multi-gigabit switch and combining it with the high-density AP25, you can increase your network capacity to twice that provided by traditional Wi-Fi 5 access points.

High-tech firms – Current generation workstations that run CAD, simulation software, or 3D design come standard with 2.5GbE network cards. Many small businesses usually have two or three of these systems on their network and don’t need to spend extra money for a full 24- or 48-port multi-gigabit switch. The Aruba Instant On 1960 multi-gigabit access switch is a great fit for these companies because it offers ports to support the latest Wi-Fi 6 access points and high-end workstations at a price that won’t break the bank.

Clinics and healthcare offices – With improvements in cloud security, many healthcare organizations are moving their electronic medical records off-premises, and charting is becoming more complex with the incorporation of images and videos. The increased demand on the network to provide this data to nurses, doctors, and staff is critical for patient care. The 1960 multi-gigabit access switch provides the needed increase in bandwidth with its 2.5GbE ports and pairing it with the Aruba Instant On AP25 and AP22 gives these medical professionals access anywhere in the facility.


The 1960 multi-gigabit access switch will be available from your preferred Aruba Instant On partners and distributors in September, ready to deploy and manage on the Instant On mobile app and web portal.



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