Aruba Instant On User Guide - Web Application

By Jamie E posted 05-06-2020 01:15 PM


The Instant On Solution is a simple, fast, and secure solution designed for small business networks. It is
affordable to own and easy-to-use solution that is ideal for the businesses with simple technology
requirements and setups that do not have IT staff. The product offers the very latest Wi-Fi and switching
technologies, so that your business can have fast experience even in a busy office or store.
Instant On mobile app and web application in the Instant On Solution suite enables provisioning, monitoring,
and managing your networks. Instant On offers the following benefits:

  • Mobile app and web application based quick setup and faster network bring-up
  • Ease of use and right-sized feature set
  • Simple statistics to view the network health and usage
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Simple troubleshooting
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2.4.0 Download
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2.0.0 Download



Aruba Instant On 2.0.0 User Guide - Web Application (1).pdf

Aruba Instant On 2.0.x User Guide - Web Application Version.pdf

Aruba Instant On 2.1.0 User Guide - Web Application Version (1).pdf

Aruba Instant On 2.1.0 User Guide - Web Application Version (1).pdf