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AP25 Flush Mount Sleeve

By Jamie E posted 04-27-2022 03:38 PM

The AP25 flush mount sleeve lines up the exterior of the access point, offering a practical and aesthetic solution
for concealment and customization.

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09-23-2022 11:41 AM

So you have the sleeve, but not the mounting to a standard single gang or 3 1/2" round electrical box.  REALLY!!!!

I now you are thinking T grid for a majority of business installations.. perhaps true with most Aruba devices.  But instant on is targeted SMB.  That means upscale residential and yes SMB offices with Gypsum Wall Board ceilings.  There are comments from architects, well yea I am one and not of the software kind, and 13 years at IBM.  So I know both sides.  Anyone involved in electrical installation would laugh at your solutions.  They are clunky and hard to install, typically to the side of the ceiling plate with the RJ45 connector.   You ever have your engineers put on a celling with remodel boxes?  Umm No you say. Clearly management doesn't think it's important.  So are you really interested in SMB?  Harsh, but true.