Extend Your Small Business Reach with Aruba Instant On

By JimHarold posted 06-11-2019 10:45 AM


30 million. That’s the number of small businesses in the US—and they make up 99.9 percent of all businesses. Small businesses employ half the US workforce—nearly 59 million people,  according to the Small Business Administration.


Retailers, restaurants, insurance brokers, law firms, doctors’ offices, media agencies and boutique hotels all have something in common: Technology is woven into their everyday operations. Fast, reliable connectivity is necessary to serve customers, whether it’s ringing up sales, answering questions or booking appointments. Employees want to work anywhere in the office, whether they are doing payroll, creating a new marketing campaign or cleaning teeth. They don’t want to be tied down.

Wi-Fi is also an expectation while customers shop, eat or wait. Yet many business owners have been concerned about letting guests onto their business network.

Introducing Aruba Instant On

Tapping into the opportunity for small business Wi-Fi is easier than ever. Maybe you already specialize in technology for small businesses. Or maybe you focus on midsize customers but are exploring how to profitably serve smaller businesses.

That’s why we introduced Aruba Instant On.

Aruba Instant On is powerful, hassle-free Wi-Fi that’s designed specifically for the needs of small business. And it’s from a brand you trust. You can give your customers a premium Wi-Fi solution that’s truly simple and intuitive.

Aruba Instant On is ideal for customers with up to 100 active users, and it easily supports multiple locations. It uses the latest wireless technology, 802.11ac Wave 2, for screaming-fast performance even there are lots of mobile devices. It also uses the latest security (WPA2/WPA3) for authentication and encryption, so your customers can be confident that their communications are private.

Aruba Instant On takes the pain out of guest Wi-Fi, so shops, yoga studios and other businesses can deliver on customers’ expectation for Wi-Fi everywhere without worrying. Guest traffic stays separate from business applications. And guests don’t even need to jump over hurdles like asking for the Wi-Fi user name and password to get a secure connection.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

Aruba Instant On can be set up in minutes using an intuitive mobile app. You don’t need any special networking knowledge. Plug in the access point, and follow the instructions on the app and go.

It’s easy to keep customers’ Wi-Fi in tip-top shape. You can manage their networks from a mobile app, or if you like the bigger screen, a cloud-based web portal. Offering remote management can ensure a consistently great experience for your customers—and add a recurring revenue stream for you.

Because Aruba Instant On is a smart mesh network, it’s easy to expand your customers’ networks—and even provide connectivity in hard-to-wire areas like historical buildings. There’s no need to run cabling back to the switch. Just plug in the second wireless access point, and the AP will do the rest.

Why Add Aruba Instant On to Your Portfolio

Aruba Instant On delivers good value to you and your customers. A one-year warranty provides peace of mind. Phone support is free for 90 days and chat support is free for the first year. There are no hidden subscription fees or gotchas.

Aruba Instant On offers a new way to grow your business. You can leverage your IT expertise to grow into a managed service provider business with the Aruba Instant On cloud portal. If you already sell small business switching, you can add Aruba Instant On and provide a complete small business network solution.

With Aruba Instant On, you can increase your revenue and profitability from a brand that is well-known and respected. Contact your distributor from more details on pricing.