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Get wired and wireless connectivity in an easy-to-use, flexible-to-mount access point

By SO93 posted 11-03-2023 06:00 PM


Introducing the Instant On Access Point AP22D, the latest in the Instant On Wi-Fi 6 product series. This Wi-Fi 6 access point, purpose-built for small and medium businesses, has a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet uplink port and (4) 1-gigabit downlink ports with POE support. The AP22D can supply 2x 15W of PoE power to its downlinks, giving you the flexibility to run small, wired devices without the need for an additional switch or hub.

The Instant On AP22D is an all-in-one wired and wireless access solution. It has a 2x2 antenna array, supporting (2) spatial streams to provide 1.7 Gbps of aggregate wireless throughput for up to 75 simultaneous users. The 2.5GbE uplink port supplies Class 4 or 6 Power Over Ethernet (POE), expanding the functionality of the access point’s (4) 1GbE downlink ports. With full Class 6 POE, the AP22D provides 15W of power to E1 and E2 downlink ports. Using Class 4 POE, the AP22D can power the E1 port at 15W. Any of the power configurations will enable the downlink ports. Mount the AP22D on a desk to give users access to the downlink ports or use the integrated wall mount to keep ports out of reach in public spaces.

The Instant On AP22D is best utilized in smaller spaces like hotel rooms, home offices, or patient rooms in medical facilities. The downlink ports can be used to connect in-room devices like printers, IP televisions and phones, and POE receipt printers. The Smart Mesh feature built into Instant On access points allows you to extend your network coverage with the AP22D and its optional 48v DC power adapter. If an area of your space lacks an Ethernet port, you can Smart Mesh the AP22D to any other Instant On access point to provide additional wireless coverage and (4) additional wired ports without having to deploy another switch. The 2.5GbE uplink port makes the AP22D a great candidate to pair with the new Instant On 1960 12-port multi-gigabit access switch. The 1960 multi-gigabit switch can fully power the AP22D over one of its (4) 2.5GbE ports.

The versatility of the Instant On AP22D makes it a great fit for many use cases and industries – primarily conference facilities, micro-resorts or small hotels, and educational facilities. These businesses make optimal use of the built-in Ethernet ports to connect devices like IP Phones, local printers, IP televisions, and digital signage.

Conference facility – From weddings to concerts and everything in between, multi-use event spaces provide a canvas for hosts to transform and guests to enjoy, where the seamless connectivity provided by a reliable network is a necessity. The wireless connectivity provided by the Instant On AP22D allows hosts to stream live events, guests to access social media, and event staff and administrators to manage the network. With the Instant On mobile app, event staff can set up multiple networks and define bandwidth limits to ensure the network and event run smoothly. The onboard Ethernet ports can be used to power security cameras and provide hardwired connections for vendors' hardware as well as current-generation digital signage.

Hospitality – The increasing demands from guests to stay connected on vacation have taxed smaller resorts and boutique hotels. In addition, the increased adoption of innovative products like NFC door locks, self-service check-in kiosks, and lobby media panels, coupled with the need to provide support for staff communications, guest devices, and in-room phones, has put even more pressure on the network. The AP22D brings in-room connectivity to guests who may have to plug in their laptops to work and provides local Ethernet ports to support hotel dining and shopping point-of-sale stations.

Smart studies – Schools continue to adopt digital teaching tools like interactive whiteboards and digital literacy assets to teach tomorrow’s generation. Many schools were not built with this level of connectivity in mind and struggle to keep up with the expansion of networking needs. Instant On AP22D connects rooms without Ethernet ports via Smart Mesh, which provides a quick and easy way to expand the network without wires. While in the classroom, the (4) downlink Ethernet ports can connect interactive whiteboards, printers, and teacher laptops so learning can continue without losing connectivity.

The Instant On AP22D will be available from your preferred Aruba Instant On partners and distributors in late December, ready to deploy and manage on the Instant On mobile app and web portal.