Aruba Instant On - Frequently Asked Questions

By Jamie E posted 06-27-2019 11:24 AM


Aruba Instant On Product Line Questions

Q: Why did Aruba introduce new Instant On Access Points?

Aruba is announcing a new family of wireless access points (APs) designed to address the current and future needs of small businesses. The Instant On family will include indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi access points (APs) designed to deliver secure, high-speed wireless connectivity with easy set-up and management, all with the quality, performance and exceptional support that customers expect from Aruba.

Q: When will Instant on be available for ordering?

The first set of Aruba Instant On Access Points will be available for ordering by early July 2019.

Q: When should I expect Instant On Access Points available for shipment?

The Instant On indoor APs will be available for shipment in July 2019. AP17 outdoor APs will be available for shipment in early August 2019.

Q: Is Instant On available globally?

Instant On access points will be available globally.


Product and Community Questions

What is the Instant On Community? Why do I need to create a username for my account?

A: The Aruba Instant On community provides a place for members to search for information, read and post about topics of interest, learn and help each other. In the community, you will find:

  • Boards where you can post questions and answers
  • Blogs where you can read and comment on articles
  • Idea exchanges where you can suggest ways to improve products and vote for ideas that other community members have posted
  • and more...

Your community user name appears whenever you post or send private messages on the Aruba Instant On community forums.

Most people create anonymous names for the sake of privacy and to help them feel more comfortable participating. Be creative and have fun with it!

Do I need to have an existing internet connection to use Aruba Instant On?

A: Yes, an internet connection is required to register and onboard your Instant On device using a mobile app or web portal.

Can I set up the Aruba Instant On access point from a desktop browser instead of my smartphone?

A: Yes, open your favorite browser and point it to this URL:

Do I need to register the equipment in order to receive one year Warranty?

A: No, after you set up your account and onboard your device for the first time, your Instant On Access Point(s) will be automatically registered.

How do I install (mount) my Instant on Access Points?

A: Please refer to online documentation

I am IT installer. Can I give my customers separate credentials to use the mobile app to view only their site?

A: Yes, Instant On currently support up to two administrative accounts for the same site. Simply go to the site management settings and use the options provided to add another account or replace an existing one.

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Can I use LAN port to wire a PC on a MESH connected ION AP12 ?