It’s Time to Manage Your Wi-Fi with a Mobile App

By aditipandey posted 07-24-2019 11:00 AM


aio_blog-hdr_450x300_app.jpgIt’s a mobile world. We used to be tethered our desks to talk on the phone, write an email or create a killer presentation. Smartphones changed all that, and now we can video chat from the car (as a passenger, in a self-driving mode, of course), edit a document on the fly and carry nothing more than a mobile device to lead a webcast. Depositing a check, booking travel and keeping up with family and friends have been similarly transformed.

So why should small business networking be stuck in the dark ages? Setting up Wi-Fi has required navigating a slew of incomprehensible acronyms and complex settings, taking hours of work and inciting frustration.

Aruba Instant On changes all that for solution providers and their business customers alike.

Modern Wi-Fi for Our Digital World

Aruba Instant On is designed so IT consultants and solution providers can give your business customers a premium Wi-Fi solution that’s truly intuitive. Aruba Instant On uses the latest Wi-Fi and security technologies and is truly affordable.

Aruba Instant On is astonishingly easy to set up. Plug in the access point, follow the instructions on Aruba Instant On mobile app and go. You can have your customer’s Wi-Fi up and running in minutes. There’s no need for certified network daredevils.

Using the mobile app, you can set up a guest Wi-Fi that’s completely separate from the payment system or business-critical applications that are accessed from employees’ devices. Communications are encrypted and safe from prying eyes. You can monitor inappropriate web sites and content to keep your customers and employees safe.

Wi-Fi is an expected amenity, but many businesses worry about offering guest Wi-Fi access in settings like coffee shops and restaurants. They don’t want the security risk or the hassle of handing out passwords or writing them on a chalkboard. Aruba Instant On eliminates that obstacle: It provides customers with a seamless experience. It looks like an open network in the list of available networks, but under the covers, it protects Wi-Fi traffic from malicious attackers.

Manage Customer Networks from Anywhere

With Aruba Instant On, you can manage your customers’ networks from the mobile app or the cloud-based web portal. Either way, you can easily keep your eye on the health of each customer’s network and easily troubleshoot problems if they arise. A quick glance at the Aruba Instant On dashboard will show you which devices or locations are problematic.

With Aruba Instant On, your customers always have the latest network and security features—delivered from the cloud—and installed on your schedule. There’s no downtime for upgrades. Just like all those great mobile apps, Aruba Instant On is always up-to-date.

Aruba Instant On is ideal for small business customers with up to 100 active users, and it easily supports multiple locations. Thanks to Smart Mesh Technologies, you can expand the Wi-Fi coverage by simply adding another Instant On access point over the air, and Aruba Instant On will do the rest of the work.

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