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Aruba Instant ON Roadmap.

  • 1.  Aruba Instant ON Roadmap.

    Posted 09-07-2019 01:35 PM

    From using Aruba Instant ON for a while, I want to know Aruba Instant ON roadmap for firmware upgrading because I found something annoying me such as

    1. I cannot adjust the channel power and choose the channel myself.

    2. For AP11D, I cannot tag any other vlan on ethernet port. (It must possible to do it.)

    3. For the employee side, if Instant ON have the internal database to created the user to login, it will be perfect.(Some SOHO don't have radius server.)

    4. For the guest side, if it can do guest authenticate by u/p or ticket, it will be perfect.

    5. In my opinion, Aruba Instant ON must bundle the power adapter of small size poe injector and power cord neither than separate it.


  • 2.  RE: Aruba Instant ON Roadmap.

    Posted 09-08-2019 09:54 AM

    I would welcome these features as well, certainly the manual channel setting. I have a AP11D that i use in Meshmode to extend the range of my network and it does not seem to take part in the ARM process. it keeps on sitting on channel 6 in 2,GHz radio, while the nearest other AP is on the same channel...

    for the AP1D it would be nice if you could dedicate the physical ports to either employee network (with VLAN setting) or to the Guest network. Imagine a hotel lobby where you would like to connect a printer on the network ?


  • 3.  RE: Aruba Instant ON Roadmap.

    Posted 09-09-2019 07:32 PM

    We are constantly working to enhance the solution. Existing and future customers are going to get access to enhanced features and capabilities as part of future software updates. Firmware updates are automatically loaded on the APs and mobile app updates are made available in the iOS/Android app stores. Please note that we are unable to comment publicly on specific roadmap details.

    @yousch - For your channel related issue, please reach out to Support team so we can determine the reason for the peculiar behavior you are noticing.