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VLAN Support 11D interfaces

  • 1.  VLAN Support 11D interfaces

    Posted 04-17-2020 03:27 AM

    Dear Team;

    I am currently looking at deploying the Aruba AP system for small business and included in my product protofolio of installation. (Currently we install Unifi products) interms of features there are lots of similar feature except 2 most important feature in our installation which are:

    1. Mapping Vlan into specific 11D output interfaces. Is that possible in the current firmware or not?

    2. Turning off Auto Update to ensure we have a stable enviroment.

    Can i get an update on this?

  • 2.  RE: VLAN Support 11D interfaces

    Posted 04-23-2020 07:17 AM

    Are we going to get an update on the below? I really like the aruba interface and wanted to check whether it is possible to get the Vlan support on output interfaces of 11D as this will ensure for me that I can deploy these in the future.

  • 3.  RE: VLAN Support 11D interfaces

    Posted 04-29-2020 04:06 PM
    I would also like to know this. Smiley Happy

  • 4.  RE: VLAN Support 11D interfaces

    Posted 05-04-2020 08:58 PM

    @Ibeme @Abdulaziz  You can now go in and create a wired network for the AP11D make sure you're on the new firmware 2.0.