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Radius with Windows Server 2016

  • 1.  Radius with Windows Server 2016

    Posted 06-04-2020 11:04 AM

    I'm setting up a radius-based setup with our 5 AP-11's, which need to talk to our Windows Server 2016 which is our domain controller and where radius runs. For some reason, I have no luck authenticating in the right way.

    I have wireshark running on the Windows Server, and I can see the Access-Requests coming in, but the answer is always an Access-Reject type packet.

    I have added all access points as RADIUS client:

    Furthermore I have created a Network Policy with a group membership as condition, and the user I am trying it with is member of that group.

    And I have also created a Connection Request Policy which does the authentication requests on the local server, and with Authentication Method EAP-MSCHAP v2 (but also tried with Protected EAP).

    Anyone with a clue?

  • 2.  RE: Radius with Windows Server 2016

    Posted 06-09-2020 11:19 AM

    @Sander  Please reach out to support to see if they can assist you.


  • 3.  RE: Radius with Windows Server 2016

    Posted 06-10-2020 11:28 AM



    Have you looked at the document on this site explaining how to set up Microsoft NPS with Instant On APs?


    Let us know what the problem was once you make it work.