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Pre/Post implementation features/nice to have

  • 1.  Pre/Post implementation features/nice to have

    Posted 07-24-2020 03:27 AM

    Dear Team;

    I have started using the Aruba instanton products for our small business deployments (between 10-15 Ap per site) which overall has been nice and simple but when trying to do some remote support I have faced the following challenges:

    1. When connecting to an aruba switch all physical clients can be identified to which ports are they connected which is great !!. Yet the most important item for me are the AP's. I need to discover where are the AP's connected to which I could not do easily remotely. (Note: when I click on the AP it says only which switch is the uplink and not port).

    2. In the switch I would like to configure multiple types of trunk ports where each port type can have different untagged vlan with a different combination of tagged vlan. (I think this can be done on local web mgmt but the challenge is this is post implementation support).

    3. Topolgy Map would be fantastic to be added as this makes life much simpler.

    4. Sorting inventory by name instead of newest activation.

    5. In ap details allowing us to add a description field where we can write where this ap is located at time of installation/or movement change. (I dont want to use the device name for that I want the device name to be generic. We usually name the AP-01 , AP-02 ..... and put stickers on the AP so that the client when he calls us he can tell is the AP sticker name).

    6. Allowing us to choose interface speed manually. (some clients are deploying this in apartment complexes and he wanted me to guarentee that an uplink speed per apartment does not exceed 100mbps which could have been easily done with aruba if i can select ethernet port speed) (they like the idea of creating a site per apartment which is fantastic for them to cut of internet on a single apartment without damaging the others which is a great feature of this product)

    These are all my comments on the solution we can see that the solution is advancing at a rapid rate as some wifi 6 ap are being added to the list of ap's. (AP22 if i am not mistaken)




  • 2.  RE: Pre/Post implementation features/nice to have

    Posted 07-24-2020 12:34 PM

    @Abdulaziz  Let us try and address some of your questions and features below.

    1. With the new release 2.1.0 you can now click on a port on the 1930 switch and an option appears for you to see devices and clients connected to that port.

    2. In the portal interface we support up to 8 VLAN's and you do have the option to tag and untag ports once you have the created VLAN's. Then in the network tab you can view how they are configured by selecting the network you want to view.

    3. and 4. We will pass this request along to the product team.

    5. Now that you have the option to view switch port and what is connected to them this would not be necessary.

    6. We will pass this request along to the product team.

  • 3.  RE: Pre/Post implementation features/nice to have

    Posted 07-25-2020 03:48 AM

    @GThiesen  Thanks for that,

    If you look at the inventory page of An AP you will find an uplink to cloud icon where the AP will display that it is connected to that switch. My question is why not add the port number if it is an AIO switch. (This would make sense as this incentivies to stick with the eco system).

    for point 2 I want to create multiple switching profiles example: I have 8 (Numbered: 1-8) vlans but depending on the port I want to pass a trunk of all networks but change the default vlan to for example Vlan 3 instead of Vlan 1 but keep vlan 1-8 passing through. I do not want to change the entire site default vlan schema just this one port.

    Also one more feature that would be nice is over a period of a week showing the number of clients that were connected to each AP. (A metric like this will help to re-deploy ap to location where it is better suited for the customers).



  • 4.  RE: Pre/Post implementation features/nice to have

    Posted 07-28-2020 10:59 AM
    I agrer on Point 2.
    Currently it is only possible to put all networks on a port or only 1 network that is tagged or untagged.

    But it isn't possible to select multiple VLANs and exclude some that shouldn't be passed along on this ports