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MFA for web and app login

  • 1.  MFA for web and app login

    Posted 05-13-2020 07:45 PM

    Is there a way to enable MFA for each login to the web portal or mobile app?  MFA codes have become a security requirement for any system, especially one with administrative permissions.  With all the problems that people have had with SMB video camera cloud accounts and other account compromises, MFA is really a necessity. 


    Being able to automatically enroll in MFA with a TOTP QR code compatible with Microsoft Authenticator or Authy would be ideal.  Is this on the roadmap or can we make a feature request?


  • 2.  RE: MFA for web and app login

    Posted 05-20-2020 03:47 PM

    +1 for MFA, I am the administrator for all the sites, that I setup for different clients, it would be nice to ensure that I am not the source of their site getting compromised if my password gets compromised.

  • 3.  RE: MFA for web and app login

    Posted 08-17-2020 09:18 PM

    +1 for this. This is a must. I actually thought this would already be posible and just couldn't find it. We are new to Aruba Intant On, and are hoping to use this as managed wifi for our MSP clients. But most of them will require that we use MFA to access the portal that controls their wifi. Hope this can be added soon.

  • 4.  RE: MFA for web and app login

    Posted 08-22-2020 11:07 PM

    +1. This is an essential feature. One of the target markets (unless I have misunderstood) is for MSPs that will use it with multiple SMB clients. 

    The current security model has one shared admin account (not great) for the MSP across all sites with no MFA support. A compromised credential exposes management of all client sites. As an MSP, this alone will prevent us from deploying InstantOn as a solution, which is unfortunate as I think it has some good potential (with a bit more work).

    I find it strange that the offering has actually be released this way with so little regard for security. 


  • 5.  RE: MFA for web and app login

    Posted 08-24-2020 08:14 PM

    +1 Again, 100% essential.

  • 6.  RE: MFA for web and app login

    Posted 08-27-2020 09:08 AM

    Yep, seems like a big oversight to not have MFA enabled today.