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How to Monitor Site Health?

  • 1.  How to Monitor Site Health?

    Posted 12-16-2019 05:56 PM

    The Site Health page provides a summary of the health status of the Instant On devices connected to the network. It shows a consolidated list of alerts that are triggered from the devices provisioned at the site.

    It also displays the inventory details of the connected devices and real-time data of active client connections on an hourly basis with the cumulative transfer speed of all the devices.

    Viewing and Updating Inventory

    The Inventory displays a list of devices in the network along with the devices' current operational status.

    Site Health can be checked by clicking on the Site Health Iconsite health icon.JPG  present on the Home Screen

    Alerts generated for the site can be checked under Site Health -> Show alert history

    In Mobile APP

    site health icon-mobile APP.jpegview alert history.jpg         


    Site health icon-ui.png

    view alert history UI.jpg

    The following table lists icons and their corresponding status:

    Alerts Icons-explaniation.jpg

    Alerts will be displayed along with the cause of the Alert under Alert History .

    site health alerts.PNG    IMG_0504.PNG    IMG_0505.PNG