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How to configure Radius Server in Aruba Instant ON?

  • 1.  How to configure Radius Server in Aruba Instant ON?

    Posted 12-13-2019 05:10 PM

    Login to the InstantON Mobile APP and Tap “networks are active” (Networks) tab.












    Tap the “+” (add) symbol to create a new network.













    • Assign a Network Name.
    • Select Employee under Network Type.
    • Under Security, PSK based authentication will be the default authentication method.
    • To use Radius Authentication, Select “use authentication server (Radius) instead” option.













    • It changes the Security GUI to enter Radius parameters.
    • Add the Radius Server IP address.
    • Assign a Shared key - Enter the shared key for communicating with the external RADIUS server.
    • Shared Key should match with the Shared Secret configured on the Radius Server. 
    • Click More options to view the other Radius parameters.












    • More options display More parameters such as Server timeout, Retry count, Authentication port, NAS IP and NAS identifier.
    • You can use a Secondary Authentication server if needed.












    • Once the Parameters are assigned, Click “Done” icon in Create Network page to complete the Radius configuration.