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Guest clients isolation

  • 1.  Guest clients isolation

    Posted 03-06-2020 03:41 PM


    At 1 of my sites, I'd like to have the isolation turned off. Is it possible?

    Guest needs to print...

  • 2.  RE: Guest clients isolation

    Posted 03-09-2020 05:56 AM

    I think it cannot disable this feature because client should not communicate to each other.
    This is security concern.

  • 3.  RE: Guest clients isolation

    Posted 03-10-2020 02:02 PM

    Hi - if your network is created as Type 'Guest' - client isolation is turned on - and even more, you are not able to reach anything within private address space (, 

    If you would like to have communication between wireless (and wired) clients, you should create your network as Type = Employee, where you will loose option of using Captive portal.



  • 4.  RE: Guest clients isolation

    Posted 11-02-2020 03:05 AM

    If my device is in the Employee network (and has a private address, of course), will it be able to communicate with a device in the Guest network? For example, I would have an android station in the Employee network, which should manage IOT devices in the Guest network.

    Alyona Sol

  • 5.  RE: Guest clients isolation

    Posted 11-02-2020 11:48 AM
    @sola Employee networks do not have isolation and Guest networks do have isolation turned on. What you can do is create two employee networks and as long as your router/gateway allows communication between the networks you should be go.

    Greg Thiesen