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1930 Network ports pulsing green

  • 1.  1930 Network ports pulsing green

    Posted 01-03-2021 11:13 PM

    First sorry i have a weird user name, not sure how to change it. 

    I just installed a 24 port 1930 last night and cant for the life of me figure out why all the port lights that have a network cable plugged in are flashing in unison. I have used the button on the switch to scroll through POE and Speed but really just want to have normal activity flashing. Also rebooted after hours last night, this morning. 

    The InstantOn portal says everything is "ok" 

    Any ideas?

    F L

  • 2.  RE: 1930 Network ports pulsing green

    Posted 01-09-2021 10:27 AM
    Sadly i had to roll back to my main Cisco POE switch.  It seemed every night something would happen and the connection between the Aruba and other switches/VLANs would die. I cant find where any errors or logs are. 

    I do see every now and then the aruba would flash red with POE and alert light but then go back to normal but again I am not sure where the logs are. 

    I have the APs pulled back on the older Cisco 3750X and so far they are staying up but still monitoring for a few days. I've kept the Aruba 1930 online but just has nothing critical or POE based plugged in.

    F L