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Renaming Clients

  • 1.  Renaming Clients

    Posted 12-13-2020 10:06 PM
    InstantOn Team,

    I can't remember what firmware version gave us the ability to modify the client names but it was a good addition and I used it on all my clients that didn't give a "hostname" on their own where shown as the device MAC for the client name. Recently I had a few clients get a firmware upgrade and now, instead of not giving a hostname like before, they do give a hostname based on the user defined internal device name. Now I would like to reset the custom client name I entered for those devices and have it dynamically use the hostname for the client name, as it did, before I gave it a custom client name. I don't see an option to clear or reset the client name. Is there any way to reset this? If not, could it be added as a future feature/function?


  • 2.  RE: Renaming Clients

    Posted 12-14-2020 01:18 PM
    There is not an option to clear or reset MAC to name you may be able to open a support case and see if they can assist in clearing this for you.

    Greg Thiesen