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  • 1.  running Plex server

    Posted 07-16-2021 03:41 AM
    hello all, 

    i am running a plex server at home and able to stream when i am at home and not at home. the issue i have is there is an option to have the plex server "remote access" to be able to access the server remotely. i have set up an AP-11D converted to be a main router. but notice i cannot change or find what ports are open or how to port forward on the router part. also do we know if the instant on converted to router supports "UPnP " or "NAT-PMP"?

    Ramon Pastor

  • 2.  RE: running Plex server

    Posted 07-17-2021 09:28 AM
    Hi Ramon,

    I don't have an answer to your questions (I don't have an AP11D to test), but may I suggest that, instead of "punching holes" in your firewall, it would be much safer to use a VPN - using a Raspberry Pi (PiVPN), or an old PC (instructions for Ubuntu), you can get WireGuard up and running in under an hour.

    UPnP opens the gate to your internal (LAN) devices, which are likely to have vulnerabilities not yet patched, so prone to being hijacked by black-hat hackers. In my opinion (and not only), this protocol should be disabled.

    Valentin Voica

  • 3.  RE: running Plex server

    Posted 07-17-2021 11:44 AM
    Hello Ramon ,

    in my expercience it should just work.
    Check plex support and this article - make sure you don't try to specify any ports, let Plex handle it.
    Als make sure you're not in a double-NAT scenario as described in the article. If that should be the case then your router is already doing NAT and there's no need for AP11D to NAT again. If you do want to keep the double NAT, then make sure to allow all traffic from your public ip on the router to the WAN ip of the AP11D....

    Troubleshooting Remote Access | Plex Support
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    Troubleshooting Remote Access | Plex Support
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    Yousch Karimi