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  • 1.  Web Portal down, support community login down!

    Posted 10-20-2021 10:10 AM
    I believe this is the second time that I'm aware of that the cloud portal was down so you can't log in and manage your systems, check status, add devices, what ever.  This time I also noticed I couldn't log into this community to post the issue.  This is really annoying when you show up at a job to add devices and you can't so I left!

    Now I did try calling Aruba tech support but once again they wouldn't talk to me cuz I don't have a company domain email address despite being told by the Aruba techs on here that that shouldn't be the case.  I told the person on the phone that I was calling about the Instant On SMB line of products, specifically that the cloud management portal was down or maybe just my creds in the cloud were corrupted and I wasn't calling about the enterprise line of products but still no joy!

    So now we have an Aruba Instant On architecture that is strictly dependent on the cloud for management and unless I go ahead and get a domain email from my website I get zero support and to make matters worse when I can't access the cloud portal for management chances are like today I won't be able to post to this forum either.   Should I just drop Aruba IO and go back to Cisco or Ubiquiti SMB gear where I could always call for support and I can actually use a laptop or iPad onsite to connect directly to the equipment. 

    Aruba might think they took two steps forward with this could management BS but after today I'm thinking they took 4 steps backwards.  Does anyone know what happens when these systems can't access the cloud portal?  Do they stay up and running indefinitely or do they freak out and shut down after not being able to reach the mothership in the sky after long period of time. 

    Obviously I'm posting so what ever the problem was went away but when will the next time be?  What was the cause this time, hackers, system maintenance, a power outage?

  • 2.  RE: Web Portal down, support community login down!

    Posted 10-20-2021 07:13 PM
    Hi Vav,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Our site was down temporarily, but our teams were able to resolve the issues at hand and restore it. Please know that we take your concerns seriously and will relay this information to our teams internally. If you have further concerns, don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

    Aruba Instant On Communications

  • 3.  RE: Web Portal down, support community login down!

    Posted 10-20-2021 10:34 PM
    Someone needs to talk with tech support and get rid of their rule requiring an email address with a business domain.  If I can't get phone support when I need it then IO products have no value to me.   I have 7 systems running IO products and if I can't get support for my clients when I need it then I can't continue to specify these devices in future jobs.  These things are widely available on the web so you don't support end users who buy this stuff on the web either?  Aruba really needs to get their shit together!