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  • 1.  Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 08-17-2021 09:59 AM
    What are the plans for a Wi-Fi 6E access point?  Either a 6E version of the AP22 or a new model?

    I already have one device that supports 6E and will have several more over the next few months.


    Peter Mokover

  • 2.  RE: Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 08-25-2021 05:35 AM
    Aruba introduced one of the first Enterprise grade 6E APs few months back (AP635):

    The primary use case is for crowded venues/high density installations in Enterprise.

    What use cases do you see for 6E in Small Business environments?

    Sreenath Seshadri

  • 3.  RE: Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 08-27-2021 04:26 PM

    There's always a need for clear spectrum in SMB, residential and Enterprise. 

    I too would hope that Aruba IO will produce a 6e AP or two in the not so distant future. 


  • 4.  RE: Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 08-31-2021 11:33 AM
    Hey Ethan,

    Thank you for this feedback - I will pass this along to my product team.

    Aruba Instant On Communications

  • 5.  RE: Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 08-29-2021 03:11 PM
    My interest in WiFi 6E Instant On access points is this:  I will need some additional APs in the next few months and it seems silly to not get 6E APs.  I already have one device that supports 6E and I will have a few more in the next few months.  This is for use in my two homes.

    Peter Mokover

  • 6.  RE: Wi-Fi 6E Access Point?

    Posted 09-04-2021 11:56 AM
    I would think the needs in the SMB sector would be the same as every other sector, faster speeds, wider channels, cleaner or clearer RF spectrum.  Who wouldn't want a tri band AP?  I'm sure they'll be a cost bump up to add a 3rd radio but it would be worth it.  Granted most jobs won't need the extra speed and the concurrent throughput but we all want more, more, more! ;)   Besides its the future and everyone else has models available now so if you want to compete you have to have them too.