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Infrastructure-less Configuration

  • 1.  Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-14-2020 09:22 AM
    Here is my plan:

    Use AP11D in Router mode
    Create VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routes using 1930 Switch
    Static IP's for Printers on non-DHCP VLAN
    DHCP from AP11D NAT for Client VLAN (Port 2) with DHCP helper on 1930 switch
    Internet through AP11D (uplink port)


    Full Setup: (Community Centre)

    1 x 1930 48 PoE
    1 x 1930 48 Non-PoE
    (purely for UPS replacement cost @ £140 (EU)/2 Years)
    1 x AP11D
    4 x AP15 

    AP11D = PPPoE and DHCP (Last Resort Gateway Routing/IP Assignment for Client VLAN (40))
    1930 48 PoE = (Powering 4x AP15 (STATIC IP) ) and some wired clients (Printers - Direct to IP Printing via G-Workspace) (VLAN (02)) and VLAN configuration, and VLAN default gateways. (leaving 40+ (Change Subnet Mask to /24) ports for clients or further AP's/Printers)
    1930 48 Non-PoE = (48 x Wired clients via DHCP'ed IP Addresses + X (depending on Subnet) Wireless Devices) 

    1930 (Setup)
    VLANs (Example)
    VLAN 1 = Default VLAN (Internal COMMS/NAT COMMS)
    VLAN 10 = Voice VLAN (Voice tagged/IPX DHCP)
    VLAN 20 = Management VLAN (Static IP for maintenance PC/Tablet/Phone)
    VLAN 30 = Printer/AP VLAN (Each Device is DIRECT IP Printable and can be managed through G-Workspace Console)
    VLAN 40 = Client VLAN (DHCP through AP11D) , (x/21 Scope with upto 2048 Clients (I know its a big Broadcast Domain, but I don't expect more than 40 concurrent clients)

    Static Routes (Example)
    VLAN 1 = (Route - via
    VLAN 10 = (Route - via 254 Clients (DHCP Phones thru IPX Box)
    VLAN 20 = (Route - via 14 Clients (No DHCP/Static Clients)
    VLAN 30 = (Route - via 14 Clients (No DHCP/Static Clients)
    VLAN 40 = (Route - via 2048 Clients (DHCP Clients thru AP11D)
    Gateway of Last Resort = (Route  - via

    AP11D (Setup)
    PPPoE/Access = Port 1 (Uplink) Internet -
    NAT/DHCP = Port 4 = (Untag VLAN 40)
    Access = Port 2 = (Tagged VL:AN 1,10,20,30,40)

    G-Workspace - IP Direct enabled Printers/Authentication (Chromebooks/Boxes)/User Management/Device Management)

    I reckon I can get a sustainable price point in 2021 of about £20K (EU) + £4.4K (EU) p/a refresh Including (Books/Boxes/Printers/Switches/UPS/Cloud OS)  (In UK. Do your own research for your Country)

    I hope (EU/£) remains same. Not a "BREXIT" fan.

    Jules McKenzie

  • 2.  RE: Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-14-2020 11:31 AM
    I don't own a AP11D or 1930 Switch, but as far as I understand it's not possible to set static IP's for devices atm. I hope to be corrected.

    Jaap Vaak

  • 3.  RE: Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-15-2020 09:49 AM
    Mr Vaak,

    The devices would be set up with an IP Address and a Default Gateway.
    The IP Address would be on a VLAN
    The IP Address of the VLAN would be the Default Gateway
    The Switches would route any traffic for the client IP Address with a static subnet route.


    Client = (
    VLAN =
    Route = via

    I am positive this would work, but much like yourself I stand to be corrected!

    Jules McKenzie

  • 4.  RE: Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-14-2020 03:38 PM
    The DHCP helper feature is only available if the 1930 is in local mode.

    Greg Thiesen

  • 5.  RE: Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-15-2020 09:40 AM
    Mr Thiesen,

    "The DHCP helper feature is only available if the 1930 is in local mode."

    By this do you mean that:
    (a) This option can only be configured via the local GUI and not on the Portal
    (b) If you configure this option you cannot use the Portal to manage the switch
    (c) Local Mode is an option whereby you forego the "InstantOn" facility

    I hope its (a)!

    Jules McKenzie

  • 6.  RE: Infrastructure-less Configuration

    Posted 12-16-2020 12:37 PM
    Correct local GUI and not the Web Portal.

    Greg Thiesen