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Missing Features

  • 1.  Missing Features

    Posted 01-05-2021 02:27 PM

    Dear Aruba Instant on Team,

    I just replaced my old network with Aruba instant on components (Router Mode)

    In general I really like the solution and would like to stay with it.
    But there are some Features missing which may not seem so big but which are essential for my usage:

    1. Port Forwarding in Router Mode
    2. Define the DHCP range for each network - currently DHCP Server uses the whole subnet
    3. IP Address Assignment for DHCP based on MAC Adresses
    4. MFA Login 
    5. IPv6 Support
    6. Show device manufacturer based on MAC address for devices which do not provide their name

    It would be great if these Feature could be added to the roadmap and may come with a future update.
    Then I would be fully satisfied and can fully recommend the solution to others.

    Regards Heiko

    Heiko Wilke

  • 2.  RE: Missing Features

    Posted 01-13-2021 03:00 PM
    i agree and would like to add, in Router mode you can not change network DNS or IP address without reseting back to default the Unit AP-11D. 

    about 4-5 month ago i have deploy InstantOn and set default DNS, now that i made my own DNS server i would like to change my DNS on my router but unable to unless i reset my whole network and redo my network SSID, Vlan and Wired setting as well as reconnect all devices (make sure the the SSID they were assigned to as well as the password is correct)

    Ramon Pastor