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Issues with Radio power settings & roaming

  • 1.  Issues with Radio power settings & roaming

    Posted 13 days ago

    in many cases we have difficulties with signal levels and roaming between APs. Will it be possible in near fututre (is it on roadmap anywhere) to have a possiblity to manually adjust the power levels for APs? Additionaly, we noticed that clients have difficulties with roaming (the signal goes down completely, the client looses connectivity and has to wait for the AP to adjust the power levels to be able to connect again) - where is ClientMatch to solve this issues here?

    This is NOT something an SMB customer wants to happen if we are talking about an "always on", "set it and forget it" network as advertised!

    This is very important if we want to stay competitive with Ubiquity, Mikrotik, Meraki GO, etc...

    Knowing that the AP11, AP12, AP15 are exact hardware copies of AP-303, AP-305, AP-315, it is very annoying that we are not able to have the same coverage  and reliable roaming as with the Instant brothers.

    Thanks in advance!


    Kristijan Walter