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Feature requests for MSP's

  • 1.  Feature requests for MSP's

    Posted 06-02-2021 05:32 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I am looking at Aruba Instant On as part of my network stack for my clients. It seems to be a good fit for small clients and other MSP's might agree on that. Currently, I do miss some features that make this product also a good fit for our company. Some of the features are:

    - Audit logs
    - Read-only access to sites
    - API access
    - Multi-site user management

    I know Aruba has a focus on MSP's with more enterprise gear. Personally, I would not need the features mentioned above to be able to start using AIO, but I know some other MSP's do. 

    So, in conclusion, I am wondering if there is a roadmap available, or if there is some kind of focus, so I am able to make a good decision about my network stack.

    Kind regards,