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Testing a new AP12 and have issues

  • 1.  Testing a new AP12 and have issues

    Posted 09-17-2020 09:49 AM

    I am coming from the Unifi hardware catastrophe and wanting to test the Aruba line and see how it compares and maybe better???

    I purchased a AP12 and starting off trying to do a factory reset and it is not working either way it says in instructions??  Just restarts and goes back to the same account I setup 1st and 2 solid green lights on???  Can you put a button the portal where you can factory reset it from there?  Or can it be done on SSH like Unifi???  

    Both mounting brackets seems VERY VERY hard to undo off the AP?  When it is mounted in the ceiling or wall it is going to be VERY HARD to untwist it to get if off???  Is this going to be resolved so it is much much easier to remove it??  

    PS: Would really like to see bandsteering in options also?  Do not want clients to have to manually disconnect and reconnect when they get closer to AP to get 5g.... testing shows devices hang on what they connect to 1st.