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Sites access problems

  • 1.  Sites access problems

    Posted 08-06-2020 10:08 AM

    Good afternoon, this week the owner of the room I am renting installed your equipment, and after that many clients began to complain that the sites they need access to are not opening. We are engaged in cafes / coworking and it is very important for us that when a person comes, everything works for him, we collected from whom we could sites that do not open, here is a list:

    Tell me what it might be and how we could fix it? Who should be called or what should be done?

  • 2.  RE: Sites access problems

    Posted 08-06-2020 12:33 PM

    @maulli If you are not looking to filter where clients are going make sure to turn off visibility and control under applications. Click on applications from the home page, then click on the cog on the upper right side and then click the radio button for application activity summary and that will turn off any filtering that may be taking place. If you are still having issues pass changing this please reach out to support.

  • 3.  RE: Sites access problems

    Posted 08-07-2020 08:33 AM

    Thanks for the prompt help, everything worked! Thank you very much!