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standalone in L2

  • 1.  standalone in L2

    Posted 07-26-2020 07:19 PM


    APs can be configured in standalone mode
    so that each Access Point has a different configuration of SSIDs in layer 2?

    Is it possible to configure several sites in the same layer 2 subnet?



  • 2.  RE: standalone in L2

    Posted 07-28-2020 10:15 PM

    I would say it doesn't matter if they're stand alone and using different ssid's.  Whether they're same site or different sites as long as they're not physically connected through a switch.

  • 3.  RE: standalone in L2

    Posted 07-30-2020 11:28 PM

    @vladi0782  AP's that are in the same L2 domain will communicate with each other and form the cluster and do not have the option for standalone mode. You would need to create another L2 domain.