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Aruba AP to Cisco Switch Configuration

  • 1.  Aruba AP to Cisco Switch Configuration

    Posted 01-11-2022 10:47 AM
    Hello everyone!

    I am looking into purchasing an Aruba Instant-On AP that will uplink to a Cisco Switch. I have multiple VLANs on my Cisco switch. I was curious if anyone had any experience with this. I currently use a Unify AP that requires I have a native VLAN on the port so the AP can communicate with the controller as the traffic is untagged. I was curious if the Aruba APs have the same limitation in its communication with the controller or if I can set the port to a trunk port like normal or maybe place it on the AP VLAN and the AP forms a CAPWAP tunnel with the controller (similar to using a WLC).

    David Gregory