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  • 1.  Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-01-2022 01:16 PM

    I have two AP11D routers with a wired connection between them.  When I am streaming a video from an iPhone device and move from one are of the house to another, the device often freezes as it is still connected to the router which now has a lower signal.  I fix this by toggling wifi on the phone.

    This wasn't really the user experience I was hoping for, is there anything that can be done to help?  Is there anything that allows the device to handover between the routers, kind of like what happens in a cellular network?



  • 2.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-02-2022 01:30 AM
    have you tested adjusting transmit power?
    her is my settings that works fine in my house with 4 AP`s, oc must be adjusted for your need.

  • 3.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-03-2022 11:16 AM

    Hi David,

    It's likely that the placement of your APs are too far from each other, or the transmit power, channel width are imbalanced. 

    The client devices (phone, laptop, etc) choose when to roam from AP to AP. While there can be some software magic built-into the AP controller software, it often does a lacklustre job. 

    The best way to help devices roam effectively is through good design. That can be very challenging in a house, where your options are so limited. You want the "cells" of coverage to overlap, but not too strongly. You also do t want them to be too weak. Ideally as the signal from AP1 starts to diminish, the Signal from AP2 starts to get much stronger. This allows your device to start the process of searching and acquiring a new AP to associate with. 

    What do you think is your scenario? Are the APs too far apart (too weak a signal from one to the other)? Or are the APs too close? (Try lowering the signal).

    Also, are your SSIDs 2.4 & 5GHz combined or separated out? 


  • 4.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-04-2022 01:31 PM
    I see this with all ap's I have some clients that say 0% signal and show poor signal but never drop from the ap's to roam to another app. Once I reboot that ap than all clients work. I don't think the ap's have a correct roaming or they are not notifying the clients to search for a better signal. There should be a way to reject clients from an AP to make the client search for a better and close AP.

  • 5.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-05-2022 09:48 AM

    Hi FL16,

    As mentioned previously, it's not the APs that notify the client device to roam; it's the other way around. 

    The APs have an "offer" beacon, but it's the client device that chooses when and where to roam based on the environment it is in and it inherent algorithms. This is the basis of how WiFi works, it's not an "aruba thing". 

    A faulty AP could impact that, but it's most likely poor WiFi design that's the impacting factor. 

    Another thought; what are you using for authentication (password type)? Are you using a RADIUS server or just PSK?

    If you’re using a RADIUS server, that opens you up to delays and 802.3r (fast roaming) might help.


  • 6.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-06-2022 09:49 AM
    I know client do that but on Aruba iap models you can set a limit to say don't allow weak signal clients to connect. I had some older iap in place and the clients connected to those and roamed ap's better than with the instant on. I think it has more to do with arm as the ap's don't seem to be adjusting power well and some are showing way more power than ap205's in the same spots.

    Also in the app there is a block client but we need a disconnect client than we can manually force a client off the AP.

    Once I reboot the AP the weak clients are connected to they go to a better signal and better ap.
    Only using psk

  • 7.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-07-2022 10:06 AM

    Thank you everyone for your contributions.  This is a concrete, two story house.  There is a large opening for the stairwell and the routers essentially sit on top of each other near this opening.  I think likely the signal is too strong from what I am reading.  I have the default settings enabled, so I will try what was recommended above.

    I have two SSIDs.  One of them is a combined 2.5/5 GHz network, the other is only 5 GHz.  I typically try to stay on the 5GHz.

    I have not had a chance to experiment with any changes yet, but will get back to you if I find something that works better.  (Do you know where the configuration is for not accepting weak signal clients?




  • 8.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-07-2022 11:43 AM
    Yeah, the best idea is to experiment a little.
    As far as I know, there is no configuration to limit weak clients. (minimum RSSI)

    We have to realize, AIO is a stripped-down, very basic version of aruba's offerings, built on a very solid hardware platform. Aruba can only release so many features before they start cannibalizing their own Instant / Enterprise level APs and controllers. That said, they really do need to find a way to allow a little more flexibility and a deeper feature set if they want to compete well with Ubiquiti and others at this price-point. 

    There are some very crucial features missing that impact our ability to deploy AIO in SMBs, and we've grudgingly had to pass up AIO for Ubiquiti on some deployments. If we don't require those features, AIO is a solid, reliable, well-backed platform. 

    Hope you get it sorted - happy to try to assist if I can. Stay well!


  • 9.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-07-2022 12:40 PM
    Actually, I do have a question about this transmit power setting.  Thinking about it more, what does the AP do if it has a big power range between Low and Max?  How does it decide to transmit at high or lower power?


  • 10.  RE: Handover between two routers

    Posted 03-07-2022 12:54 PM

    That's a good question David! Hopefully someone with more insight can chime in.

    Im guilty of having not really tested the behaviour…. Typically we find the right level and leave it static. I can say that I once tried to leave a "range" on an AP17 and it always seemed to default to the lowest power, leaving clients starved for signal. This was two updates ago though, so it may have changed. 

    I'd try setting a static power level - start with High, and step back from there. Test, test, test.