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  • 1.  device connecting to far AP

    Posted 02-14-2022 02:28 AM
    hello all,

    i have a few device that connect to the AP that 1st came up and is the farthest from location. it show weak signal and does not switch over. is there a way to switch the device to a closer AP vs having it connected to the 1st AP that comes up after the network is reset? 

    thank you.

    Ramon Pastor

  • 2.  RE: device connecting to far AP

    Posted 02-14-2022 09:27 PM
    Hi Ramon,

    Are these stationary devices? If so, power cycle the AP or the devices, this should trigger a roam to the best AP. If you're finding this is a common issue, double check the settings on each AP to ensure there isn't a misconfiguration. One tricky thing to watch for is a mismatch in channel widths. Quite often devices will choose an AP with a wider channel width, even though the signal is weaker. 

    At the end of the day, it the client device that chooses where to go..... we can only help them by designing a good network.


  • 3.  RE: device connecting to far AP

    Posted 02-15-2022 10:11 PM
    This happens to me all the time. Especially after software update.
    Whichever AP gets it up first keeps it. Regardless of how close 2 other APs are. There is no "shove off buster, AP2 is DIRECTLY ABOVE YOU not 2 floors away."

    Since I won't reboot the AP until the next update, the only solution is to poke whatever device.

    I was sort of hoping that "block device" wait a bit, "unblock device" would work, but I have had limited success and it's a hassle.

    I think what you might need is some baroque combination of 802.11k,r and v. good luck getting your device to support that. ^^;

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  • 4.  RE: device connecting to far AP

    Posted 02-15-2022 10:25 PM

    Hmm, interesting. Perhaps an issue with your wifi design? Or are these sticky clients?

    Client devices choose when and how to roam based on their inherent algorithms - it's not the APs job to handle that. 

    Generally it's only "sticky client" devices like laptops, HTPCs and some IoT devices that cling to weaker signals. Simply power cycling the client devices or toggling their wifi on and off (if an option) is successful at triggering a re-scan and association to the best BSSID. 


  • 5.  RE: device connecting to far AP

    Posted 02-20-2022 09:59 PM
    More than likely in my case it is the client device going. "Stayin' Alive~~"

    It connects to the first one back after the 2.5.0 mysterious features upgrade
    1F1 + 1F2 are first up usually, then 3F, then 2F due to daisy chaining...

    A quick check shows that these are.

    PS4 (by far and away the worst culprit, just barely connected to 1F through 3 walls worth when it has line of sight to 2F)
    Yamaha RX-A1070 (on 2F, now connected to 3F)
    Sony BDP-S6700 (ditto)
    Panasonic phone (directly adjacent to 1F, connected to 2F but this is buggy anyway...)

    It's a shame there's no graph of signal/time because a few of them with no one there are up and down from green to orange.

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