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AP12 broadcasting "Hidden SSID"?

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  • 1.  AP12 broadcasting "Hidden SSID"?

    Posted 02-16-2021 10:15 AM

    I have recently set up an AP12 and configured it to broadcast a "corporate" and "guest" network, operating on both frequencies. However, when doing a spectrum analysis, I see a "Hidden SSID" being broadcast from the AP as well, on the 5ghz band. I see on other threads that this may be related to meshing between multiple AP's but I only have the one AP12. Why else would it be broadcasting this? Is there a way to disable it? At this point, I'm hesitant to keep it in production as I see this as a security issue.

    Spectrum Analysis showing

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    Posted 02-16-2021 10:40 AM
    Instant On has auto-mesh capability that automatically detects and setup mesh connections, this is why you see the 5GHz hidden SSID for Mesh only.

  • 3.  RE: AP12 broadcasting "Hidden SSID"?

    Posted 03-22-2021 04:30 PM
    Thanks for the insight. I wish there was a way to disable auto-meshing, as I live in an area with lots of SSID's and every broadcast takes up airtime. Maybe this is something Aruba will add in the future???

    F L

  • 4.  RE: AP12 broadcasting "Hidden SSID"?

    Posted 03-18-2021 03:43 PM
    The AP 12 sends beacons to the STAs 14, each beacon including the BSSID.  One of the STAs 32 may send broadcast / multicast frames directly to other STAs 32  2018-08-21 Intel IP Corporation Support for hidden SSID in DMG networks.
    official website
    Nina Shipley

  • 5.  RE: AP12 broadcasting "Hidden SSID"?

    Posted 03-18-2021 03:43 PM
    I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution Same issue still no fix to this.

    Nina Shipley