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Choice of AP please advise

  • 1.  Choice of AP please advise

    Posted 04-11-2022 11:10 AM

    newbie here. Recommended by the Aruba staff to consult all of you for advice.

    I am seeking your advice on :
    a) Which AP should I choose for my conditions and needs (as below), and
    b) Should I await the release of a 4x4 AP?

    1) 2800 sqft (260m2) house, (approximately 50x30 feet), 2,5 floors, armoured lightweight concrete outer walls (lower floor) & between floors.
    2) incoming fiber - center of one of the shorter walls (eg not centered but one side of house).
    3) Fiber 250/250, 1.3ms lag.
    4) Some 40 wireless devices majority is AX/AC but still some 802.11n. Increasing amount of 2.4band IoT.

    a) Stability
    b) Well functioning quick hand off of wireless devices between APs (without VPN disconnects)
    c) QoS capable as 4K-stream video is going to be parallel to work related video conferencing (over vpn) and gaming (that's life w kids).
    d) must support multiple SSIDs & VLANs as IoT, guest networks etc shall be separated
    e) must be supported by vendor post sales with focus on resolving issues w functionality as well as security.

    Would also be great to have your view on which AP is better for mesh even if the intent is to run cat6 w PoE.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Mag Sett