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  • 1.  Allow for MPSK

    Posted 10-14-2021 02:43 PM
    I would love for the product to get MPSK. For all that don't know what that is.

    It allows one SSID to send traffic to different VLAN depending on what password is used.
    This is a blog from aruba about why it is good to have.. Simplify IoT Authentication with Multiple Pre-Shared Key (MPSK) | Aruba Blogs

    Cisco calls it IPSK (Identity PSK)
    Ruckus calls it DPSK (Dynamic PSK)
    Aruba calls it MPSK (Multiple PSK)
    AiroHive calles it PPSK (Private PSK)
    Unifi does not support this feature, some users have hacked it in.

    So all the big ones are doing it..

    Oscar Virot

  • 2.  RE: Allow for MPSK

    Posted 10-20-2021 06:37 PM
    Hi Oscar,

    Thank you so much for suggesting this feature. We don't have this, but we've shared it with our teams internally.

    Aruba Instant On Communications

  • 3.  RE: Allow for MPSK

    Posted 07-11-2022 09:06 AM
    Saw that Zyxel has it.. They also have a POE with 1,2.5,5,10 ports.