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Latex Paint on AP-22

  • 1.  Latex Paint on AP-22

    Posted 01-01-2021 12:55 PM
    I'm able to snake a cable through the return air duct from the basement to the 2nd floor to power the "upstairs" AP (so all four of my APs are wired POE to the same switch (no wireless backhaul).

    So I'm mounting the AP-22 at the top of the wall in the hallway but while the ceiling is white, the wall is not.  Short of putting the AP inside the wall, I'd like to use the same Home Depot latex paint to at least help hide it a little.

    Is this possible?

    larry schwenk

  • 2.  RE: Latex Paint on AP-22

    Posted 01-01-2021 01:53 PM
    As long as the paint does not contain any metal in it you should be fine to paint the AP.

    Greg Thiesen