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  • 1.  client steering to InstantOn AP's?

    Posted 01-06-2022 12:08 PM
    Hello -- we have FOUR Aruba InstantOn AP's in smaller multi-floor building.  

    One as "primary" for each floor and specific IP in high-use areas -- like office.

    We have a printer within six feet of wall-mount AP-11D that never connects to this AP but instead connects to ceiling-mount AP-11 a floor and half building away.

    Once and a rare while it will connect to the closest AP but this is rare.

    same SSID across all AP's.

    Is there a way to steering client to specific AP?    I recall something about this with Aruba Instant.


    Garrett Anderson

  • 2.  RE: client steering to InstantOn AP's?

    Posted 01-11-2022 06:48 PM
    Hi Garrett,

    There's no way to force a client to a specific AP. In this case, we might check if the client is connecting to the 2.4 or 5Ghz band. Then we can try to understand if the signal of both APs is overlapping. Maybe reducing the power of the APs could help resolve the sticky client issue.

    Based on the DRT, the power on which each radio operates can be different, and it's possible that the signal of the farter AP is good enough for the client. Therefore, the client may prefer to stick to this AP instead of roaming.

    Note: band steering is enabled on Aruba Instant On. Band steering encourages the client to connect on the 5Ghz band, but the client could choose 2.4Ghz even if 5Ghz is enabled in the AP.

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