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Radius server dynamic assigned vlans

  • 1.  Radius server dynamic assigned vlans

    Posted 12-12-2020 07:48 PM

    does anyone got expertise with Aruba 1930 Switch and dynamic vlans via Radius Server?

    yesterday i found this one year old post about radius server assigned vlans in the wireless discussion. Radius Server Assigned Vlans
    last post was "...currently doesn't support dynamic VLANs..." 

    But in the Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch Series Management and Configuration Guide (Date june2020) describe the possibility to assign dynamic vlans. 
    I already configured my Radius Server (Aruba clearpass) and establish a connection with the switch. So i can see the request on the clearpass and the rules (different VLANs for different MAC-Addresses) are working. Also the Client shows up in "Access Control Client Information" in the switch, but without any VLAN ID.

    So my concrete question, which Attribute must be send to the switch so it will put the Port in the expected VLAN? 

    best regards,
    Carsten Endrulat