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  • 1.  MFA/2FA for local 1930 web interface

    Posted 12-01-2021 06:00 PM
    Is there anyway to setup some kind of MFA for 1930 switches that are not cloud-managed?  I see there is options for Radius server but appears to only be for port security.


    Brian Baldwin

  • 2.  RE: MFA/2FA for local 1930 web interface

    Posted 01-28-2022 07:14 PM
    No, there isn't.

    What we do is set up a management VLAN and have only 1 port be a member of that management VLAN.
    Then you can manage that VLAN however you want.  For example, you can require all machines on that VLAN to have some sort of MFA setup, or you can simply leave nothing attached to that port and not use that VLAN ID on your network.  (You'd then need physical access as your second factor.)