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Novice asking stupid questions...

  • 1.  Novice asking stupid questions...

    Posted 02-01-2021 11:30 AM
    Sorry if these are too easy for You.
    Not for me, complete novice here.
    Done something , naturally. Otherwise wouldn´t even think anything like this.

    Having a project, where I do not want to hire PRO´s. 
    Simply, want to do it all myself, to be able to save some money and learn a bit more.
    And most importantly, want to do it all myself to see, if and when things do not work, I can only blame myself...and hopefully I can then fix the problems without calling someone else. And pay for professional help every time.

    Have a building, a big one. In 4 floors. No access to fiber, sadly. Tried, not available at a reasonable cost.
    Currently using slow but stable old school ADSL or similar via phone line. And some 4-5 year old access points in different floors to make up a WiFi to cover most of the building. Not happy with the current speed we can get out of that ADSL thing. 
    Not too pleased with that a bit old WiFi set up either.

    Anyways, have been experimenting with the 5G thing that is expanding rapidly. And luckily I do get a proper signal on 5G. 
    Testing with Huawei`s 5G box now and receiving really good speeds from it. I mean at least much better that from that ADSL.
    Easily 10 to 20 times the speed.

    My question : As the building is big, should I get a PoE switch like the 8-port JL681A and then wire an AP to each floor ?
    Don´t need a bigger switch, for 4 floors only. And also, as  I can get the AP´s positioned to each floor easily using the existing network inside the building.

    Another question :  Can I use the Huawei´s LAN-port as a source to connect to switch, and then divide the internet from that 5G box to APs on different floors of the building ? The same way as the current ADSL internet service is divided to the current WiFi set up?

    The biggest questions are these 2 , can I use that 5G service as a source, and do I need that switch and Aruba Instant On AP´s or , would I be better of building a simpler mesh network WiFi instead ?
    Naturally also a bit concerned is this switch and several AP´s a bit too much for a novice to handle without help ?

    Ready to go with that switch and 4 APs, one on each floor, if this really is the best solution.
    For a learning (beginner) that I am...

    And Thank You for any tips and ideas You might have.


  • 2.  RE: Novice asking stupid questions...

    Posted 02-01-2021 11:51 AM
    This isn't merely a stupid question, it's a rude question. It's completely inappropriate here. For one thing, it reads like a transparent shill for a certain shitty Chinese switch company. Second, it's about general network design and has nothing to do with Aruba. Go to reddit and ask there.