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  • 1.  AP11s offline after router reboot

    Posted 07-25-2020 11:33 PM
    Hi there,

    I have two AP11s that are connected via cables to my ASUS router. I have set my router to reboot every day on a schedule. And after every router reboot, the AP11s (sometimes one/sometimes two) go offline and doesn’t recover until I manually power cycle the APs(not using POE).

    Any reason why the APs are not able to reconnect back when the router is back? I do not have the same issue with other devices. Defeats the purpose of having a portal/app to manage the InstantOn solution too.

  • 2.  RE: AP11s offline after router reboot

    Posted 07-31-2020 11:32 AM

    @SF Please reach out to support to assist in reviewing the logs of the AP for troubleshooting your issue.