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  • 1.  Simple pool setup

    Posted 03-03-2022 08:38 AM
    Okay, sorry for some very basic questions here. I have to setup for an outdoor pool at a local community, so I am not used to having no IT available to support things, so I need it to be simple to setup, and I would prefer Aruba over others.
    So I want to get a fanless with PoE 8port (only need 2-4 with PoE).
    But from my understanding the fanless do not have PoE.
    The one thing I don't understand is if I can plug the 1830 directly into a modem/gateway.
    Second question, more about APs, down the road we may need to do a point to point wireless can I use the enterprise APs for this as well, or am I stuck with just the instant product line?

    Adam Berns

  • 2.  RE: Simple pool setup

    Posted 03-08-2022 03:31 PM
    A great start to identifying which Instant On product will work for your needs is to try our product finder: 
    Many of our devices have PoE capabilities. I will suggest looking into the 1960 Switch Series or the AP22.

    Aruba Instant On Communications

  • 3.  RE: Simple pool setup

    Posted 03-09-2022 02:27 PM

    Adam asked for an outdoor setup (pool) with about 2 or 4 access points connected to a fanless 8-port model from the lower price segment.

    JM78 - why do you recommend indoor access points in combination with a switch from the expensive 1960 series where also no fanless poe model is available?

    It looks like the (fanless) 1830 8G POE switch (JL811A) in combination with AP17 outdoor access points (these are the only outdoor acceess points available) would be a perfect match for this setup.

    A router/firewall between the switch and the modem is needed in this setup.

    Mesh is also available (only AIO access points) but should only be chosen, if there is really no way to use a network cable. Don‘t try to mix with other access points like Aruba enterprise lineup.

  • 4.  RE: Simple pool setup

    Posted 03-10-2022 12:23 PM
    Hi Adam,

    • Yes, you can plug the 1830 directly into the Gateway and have the Gateway be your main router, as long as you only need basic routing and firewall.
    • The 8 port 1830 65W (JL811A) is fan-less, so no worries.
    • AIO's only outdoor rated AP is the AP17 and it works well.
    • For a future point-to-point set up, it may be a better idea to use a PTP bridge (maybe even a bridge in a box that's pre-configured). This allows a high degree of reliability and capacity as opposed to wireless meshing, but your environment and requirements dictate what's best.

    Hope this helps a little, let us know if you have any additional questions.