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  • 1.  Cloud based Radius

    Posted 03-15-2022 10:52 AM

    I have some AP22 and I need to use jumpcloud as the radius for user authentication. I have set the radius parameters as the picture below. 

    there is a switch and gateway between APs and the internet. I am not sure but I think that radius traffic to Jumpcloud radius is fine, but from the Jumpcloud back to APs should be working since the uplink IP address of the gateway has been set in jumpcloud radius as the radius client. So APs sent queries to jumpcloud and jumpcloud returns values to the gateway but not APs. So how can I  redirect the returned radius traffic to the gateway to APs? I trine NAT1:1, but couldn't get it working. 

    So please share your experience with me to fix this issue. 

    Thank you in advance.