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Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

  • 1.  Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 12-13-2020 07:58 PM

    I have an AP17 pointing directly at a Ring floodlight camera that's approximately 50 feet away. For a week the client connected to the AP with an RSSI of -50 to -54db. 

    I noticed the Ring was not transmitting video again. Reviewing its connection on the Aruba app, I now see it's connecting to an AP22 that's on the opposite side of my house, (another 30+ feet) with multiple walls between the AP and the Ring. 

    AP17 is now transmitting at "low" power, and the AP22 at "very high". We need to either be able to ban clients from an AP, or allow power levels on APs to be controlled. 

    Finally, why am I having to disable 802.11ax in order for clients to maintain stable connections?!? If 802.11ax is enabled, clients such as my Google Minis randomly disconnect. The app and portal say they are connected, but devices don't get an IP from my DHCP server. 

    ZERO issues with this when I ran UniFi APs. Support was nearly useless helping troubleshoot this. They had me remove and readopt my APs, create new SSIDs, not use VLAN. It was my tinkering the discovered disabling 802.11ax eliminated the issue. 

    What is the point of buying 802.11ax APs if I have to disable WPA3 and WiFi 6 protocols?


  • 2.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 12-14-2020 10:31 AM
    I see there is a new firmware update. I've pushed that out to my APs and the 802.11ax and WPA3 issues seem to be resolved. As it's only been 24 hours since I updated, I'm not ready to say they are, but the devices that were having connectivity issues have been stable over the last day.

    The radio power transmission issue needs to be addressed. While some of this may be resolved when better weather arrives in the spring by moving the placement of the AP17, there should be no conceivable reason for the AP22 without a direct line of sight to the Ring client be blasting at full power.

    F L

  • 3.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 01-02-2021 04:11 PM

    Still have issues with devices not roaming to a closer AP and it appears to be a power level issue. AP17, pointed away from the house will grab a device as it roams into range when I return home. The clients won't roam to closer APs that are indoors, with multiple walls between the client and the AP17. The AP is broadcasting at "high" or "very high"  

    We need to have the ability adjust power levels or RSSI levels to push clients to appropriate APs. 

    F L

  • 4.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 01-03-2021 06:47 AM
    I too have noticed this as well and agree the auto radio management mechanism doesn't seem to work very well in the InstantOn platform.  AP radio power levels when you have multiple AP's don't seem to auto adjust correctly when the AP's are within range of each other.  

    This feature works great in the enterprise Aruba Instant platform and it's called Aruba "Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)"

    Question for the InstantOn folks, is ARM the basis in the InstantOn code for radio management or something else?

  • 5.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 01-03-2021 01:59 PM
    Adaptive Radio Management is what is used for the Instant ON AP's as well.

    Greg Thiesen

  • 6.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 01-05-2021 02:49 PM
    Will we see the ability to manage broadcast power levels or RSSi levels any time soon? There is no logic that I see behind the power levels being broadcast, and clients keep connecting to APs that are across my site screaming at full power VS the client they are no more than 5 feet from.

    F L

  • 7.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 01-24-2021 01:16 PM
    did some testing last week.. setup 3xap22 in my house, clients is not connection to the best AP.. replaced AP22 with instant 505, everything works perfect.. must be some bugs in the instant on FW for AP22 regarding power level / ARM.. tested iphone, pad, iot devices, dell and lenovo laptops with AC and AX

  • 8.  RE: Unable to get client to connect to "proper" AP

    Posted 5 days ago
    Are there any updates to this behaviour? My local is swamped with SSIDs and I'd love to drop more APs into rooms and be confident the broadcast power would drop, and clients would roam to the closest AP, and not have my devices screaming at full power.