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    RE: Disable Mesh

    Hello, If your APs have an ethernet link, they will not attempt to mesh. How are you determining that the APs are meshed together? Regards, Stephane

  • @Greg Thiesen @jamie Easley @Gregory Weaver @Amol G Mitra @Aditi Pandey @Sharanya Prasad @Rizwan Shaikh @Stephane Laroche how about doing something more then just saying "Thanx for the feedback, I'll pass it on to management". As AP22 owner ...

  • My units kept working all day just can't manage them. ------------------------------ Donato Orlando Engineering Services Lead GDR Group ------------------------------

  • Only devices in the cloud portal will be counted. ------------------------------ Greg Thiesen ------------------------------

  • The AP17 is an over the air installation make sure it is close to one of your AP12 to mesh it on the network. If you are still having issues please reach out to support. ------------------------------ ...