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    RE: AP 27 Bridging Mode

    AP22D and AP11D has this feature. Other APs usually don't have it. Best, Gorazd ------------------------------ Gorazd Kikelj ------------------------------

  • Looks like your APs don't get enough power. Did you power it via PoE or via Power Supply. There are known issues with some PoE switches not be compatible with Aruba APs. Best, Gorazd ------------------------------ Gorazd Kikelj ------------ ...

  • Hi Luca. Glad that you resolve the issue. Reset button not resetting to complete factory default is a know behavior on APs. Sometimes you just must use boot loader factory reset command to really reset the AP. Best, Gorazd ------------------------------ ...

  • Try disable and enable a ssid ------------------------------ Erik ------------------------------

  • Hi Maria, We are already aware of this issue and this should be addressed in the next release. ------------------------------ Sylvain Bouchard ------------------------------

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