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  • What type of AV gear? Most gear now a days is dual band, most cameras are dual band except the cheaper stuff.

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    RE: Roku Connectivity

    Was it working properly in the dual band setup and then didn't in the new 5.0 only or it never worked properly in either? Does a single TV have issues when others are off or only when multiple TVs are on? Based on info you provided it's not range so ...

  • Ok, thank you. Well if the internet connection is down, we cant do nothing. In this case, if we setup 802.1x with radius for peap mschapv2 aurhentication and if the internet connection down, the clients can always access to the ssid peap mschapv2 ? ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Ap22 speed

    Hey, We noticed that you're comparing the AP22 with an UniFi U6-LR. It is important to know that the AP22 is a 2x2 AP while U6-LR is a 4x4. So depending on the number of clients connected could make a big difference in performance. ------------------------------ ...

  • Yep, it was a cabling issue. Thanks, Rob. ------------------------------ Bill Howells ------------------------------