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  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    hello all, after a power failure my switch stopped to work on sfp ports. it recognize sfp module connected but it always shows status "down" on ports. When I connect a new sfp transceiver, the port led blinks once and then stops. Is there anything i can ...

  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    Hello Colin, Aruba support was highly unable to understand the problem. After setting up a call they understood. But I never heard about a fix, workaround was to create a CSR, but thats exactly not what I wanted. I don't trust foreign private keys. However, ...

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  • Posted in: Instant On - Wired

    My support team would like to work with you directly. Can you reach out to them this week? Aruba Instant On Contact Aruba Instant On Support Need help? ...

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