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  • Hello, after becoming a member of the KNX association will any of the APs get an update to support wireless KNX or maybe to come a Matter Hub to support Smart Home products? ------------------------------ Hani Kassem ----------------------------- ...

  • hello everybody. I need help. I am creating Zabbix monitoring with Aruba 1930 JL685A to get POE information. Consumption and so on. But I don't see OID with this information. Does anyone know where I can find this OID? ------------------------------ ...

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    AP11 - Atualização 2.9

    Boa tarde a todos. Após a atualização 2.9, percebi que o alcance/qualidade do sinal wi-fi piorou, e 50% dos aplicativos capturados/transferidos no tráfego ficaram como "Não Categorizados". Alguém passando por isso? Utilizo atualmente 11 APs (11). ...

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    is it possible to achieve the same in cloud mode? ------------------------------ porca madonna ------------------------------

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    heya same issue here. I keep registering new accounts with temp email addresses to be able to post... Is there somebody to contact to the get account enabled? thanks ------------------------------ porca madonna ------------------------------