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    Hello I am getting this issue was it resolved? ------------------------------ Alan Richardson ------------------------------

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    I am woundering if I can add a AP15 o a home network with a Netgear NightHawk router and small unmanaged non-poe switch. AP15 (with power adapter)---------Netgear 8port switch (not poe, unmanaged)--------Netgear NightHawk Router----------Cable Modem---------ISP ...

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    HOUSTON! Anyone there? We have a problem and need some help please! Is it really that difficult? [ @Greg_Weaver ]

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    Hello. I am having exactly the same issue here. Can someone please assist me in getting rid of the wrong cummunity profile? Thank you. ------------------------------ Thomas Walther ------------------------------

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    RE: Unsupported transceiver

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    Hi Pastor, This is an enhancement done as part of 2.9 SW to highlight if the transceiver is supported or unsupported. 2.9 SW release blog and user guides are available in the below link ...